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Professional Portraits
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Professional Portraits
What's Included: Four Light Portrait Lighting and choice of backdrops. Studio Time: Up to one hour in the studio. Photo Retouching: Post processing of the photo you select. Digital Copies of your photo optimized for highest quality reproduction for: LinkedIn Profile – 80 x 80 pixels. LinkedIn Cover – 646 x 220 pixels. Facebook Profile – 160 x 160 pixels. Facebook Cover – 850 x 315 pixels. Facebook App Tab – 111 x 74 pixels. Timeline Image – 403 x 403 pixels. Twitter Profile – 73 x 73 pixels. Twitter Header – 520 x 260 pixels. Twitter Shared Image – 435 x 375 pixels. Web Site – 600 x 900 pixels. Small – 1200 x 1800 pixels – prints up to 4x6 inches. Medium – 2400 x 3000 pixels – prints up to 8x10 inches. Large – 3300 x 4800 pixels – prints up to 11x16 inches.
Tips: Wardrobe No white or light beige/pastel shirts without a jacket. White will reflect the light and be distracting. In general unless you’re a bride or a doctor, don’t wear all white! Also, make sure your chosen clothes are properly pressed - wrinkles a major distraction to great photo. No bold patterns – whether on a shirt, tie or jacket. This will distract from your face and, in a group, bold patterns take away a sense of cohesiveness. Also, if the image is going to be used on-line, bold patterns can create an optical illusion that’s unpleasant. (Technically, it’s called a moiré pattern.) No bold/very shiny jewellery or big watches for men. Again, these will distract from the face in an individual portrait and distract from the others in a group photo. Colors to avoid: pastels, purple as the main color (it can be lovely as an accent), greens if you have yellow undertones to your skin as green can make skin tones appear sallow, multi-colored and busy patterns, and bright red as the main color (again, dark reds appear more sophisticated in a photo while brighter reds work best as accents.) Appearance Men: It's good to be clean shaven and have a hair cut, but that's not a requirement. Washing your face before hand will clean the oil off your skin to help eliminate harsh reflections and bright spots and give a natural look. Woman: Light make-up in neutral colors work best.