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Basic Event Shoot In general I always arrive early to check out the venue and arrange to accommodate any requests for the night: i.e. shots of the VIPs, key moments, attention to individual shots, etc. I shoot your event before, during and after the formalities to capture all the details that help make it special. Also, I fully respect the propriety of the circumstances and dress appropriately and try to be as unobtrusive as possible when taking photos. I will take a full mixture of close-ups, group and crowd shots using both flash and natural lighting as needed. It’s not uncommon that I take a 1,000 or more exposures to capture the perfect shot. I also do basic editing and post-production on all the shots picked as “keepers.” It’s not uncommon for me to spend as much time editing and fine tuning photos as I do shooting them. Mainly because if its got my name on it I want it to be the best image possible. What's Included: Photographic Services for the duration of the event. Basic editing and post-production. Copies of photos in JPG format in high resolution size of 2048 x 1707 pixels size* (for standard 3:2 ratio images.) * This is large enough for just about any use including cropping of vertical images to banner hight.    On average this file is approximately 3.25 MB in size.    Higher resolutions are available upon request. Unlimited Usage Rights for editorial purposes such as publicity, social media, newspaper articles and flyers. What's Not Included: Travel Expenses outside the Columbus OH area. Off Camera Lighting of any kind. Commercial Usage Rights such as advertisements, magazine articles, trade publications, flyers, prints for sale, etc. These are all handled on a single rights issued basis. Guarantees While it’s been a long time since I have taken photos that weren’t worthy of publication there are no guarantees.